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I’m Jon Baines. I’m interested in all aspects of Information Rights law and practice, but, specifically, I speak and write about Data Protection and Freedom of Information and related issues. I hold an LLM in Information Rights Law and Practice from the University of Northumbria. In my day job I am Senior Data Protection Specialist at Mishcon de Reya LLP. You can see some of my recent written work and commentary on the firm’s Data Matters blog.

I was previously Data Protection Officer for Network Rail, and subject matter expert for its GDPR programme.

  • Chair of NADPO – the National Association of Data Protection and Freedom of Information Officers.
  • Special Adviser to PDP’s FOI Journal
  • Member of the Examination Board for PDP Practitioner Certificate in FOI
  • Member of the Examination Board for ActNow Training Data Protection Practitioner Certificate
  • Honorary fellow of IRMS
  • Honorary member of ASSO DPO (Italian Data Protection Officer association)

22 responses to “About me

  1. jane

    Hi, I have been following your blogs. I wondered if you know of any Data Protection Consultants who act for inidividauals as I wish to have a ICO decision reviewed? I am based in London

    • Hi Jane – I’m afraid I missed this comment/question. When you say you want a decision reviewed are you simply wanting the ICO to look at it again, or are you talking about judicial review? (the latter is the only way you can formally challenge the ICO on a DPA matter: there is no specific appeal route.)

      In the latter scenario certainly it might be preferable for you to consult a solicitor. A consultant (unless they are also a solicitor) can’t really give legal advice. Also, I’m not really in a position to recommend anyone. I’m not being facetious when I say you might be best off googling “data protection solicitor london”.

  2. joe3945

    Why does it always look like ICO is a bumbling organisation, and the FTT always has to straighten them out. Concerned that ICO is becoming rubber stamp for authority.

    • Alan M Dransfield

      Joe, there is NO doubt about it, the ICO are rubber stamping GET ME OUT OF JAIL FREE CARDS on a whim and in particular section 14(1) and the use of the Dransfield vexatious bullshiit

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  6. Hi
    Please could you put me in touch with a legal professional with experience of section 10 concerning the Police?
    1. Police issue record a report of harassment based on false allegations – and link me to a habitual criminal with the same surname. (Ist Mistake.)
    2. Police record allegations as if they were statements of fact (2nd Mistake)
    3. Police unlawfully arrest me due to information on system (3rd Mistake)
    My dilemma is I want compensation for the arrest and removal of damaging data. The police are refusing to respond.

  7. Hi;
    I´m a journalism student at the University of Lincoln, doing a story on increasing FoI refusals by local councils and was wondering if I could do a skype interview with you? If that is not convenient, I could send you a list of questions. Would you have any free time this week?

    Thank you for your consideration,

  8. Alan M Dransfield

    The ECHR have kicked me into touch because they claim I was one document short.
    Fully understand that applications must be complete but it’s a bit harsh to burn my bundle owing to one missing document
    My gut reaction is the UK gatekeeper at the ECHR has intercepted my case.
    Not to worry, I still have 3 months to reapply

    I also have a V interesting FTT hearing in Exeter next week appealing against the ICO vexatious decision FS50582996 dated26/10/15.
    Between 20 mar 15 and 17th April I made 7 FOIA request to the ICO
    For credit cards details of ICO officials,prince Charles spider letters, common purse etc etc.
    There is demonstrable evidence that the ICO have psycho hang ups about Dransfield and they are spending thousands of pounds keeping me quiet

  9. Alan M Dransfield

    The breaking news about Scottish PFI school dangers would indicate that PFI schools /scam is nationwide.
    Also bit of a shock that PFI projects have been subject to the offshore tax evasion.
    Who’s vexatious now

  10. Alan M Dransfield

    The breaking news ref Scotish PFI schools falling down is rather worrying or am I being too vexatious

  11. Alan m dransfield

    Squeaky ass time at the ICO who appear to have driven a bus thru the Aarhus Convention ref the Dransfield vexatious BS. ICO know FA about the Aarhus Convention and even less about the Rio Agreement 1992 and I am not referring to Ferdinand either

  12. Alan m dransfield

    BTW the ECHR rejected my 2bjndle and will complete my 3 rd bundle shortly.
    It would appear the Tories have a gatekeeper at the ECHR?!!?

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