Privacy Notice

My name is Jon Baines. You can learn about who I am and what I do on my About page.

I don’t aim to collect your personal data, but a) how the internet is designed and b) if I’m to invite comments, mean that it is inevitable I will.

For instance, lack of resources leads me to have an off-the-shelf WordPress theme for this blog, with off-the-shelf cookie functionality. So sue me. (Seriously, I’d very much prefer it if you didn’t, but if you do decide to, can you consider first suing a million other WordPress users who don’t wake up in a cold sweat at night about these things? As I’ve said before, when it comes to tech, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I do want, and do try, to do the right thing).

If you submit a comment to a post on this blog I will approve it, subject to it complying with my comments policy; this means it will get published, so think about whether you want to be forever captured on the internet saying what you’re saying. You could ask me to take it down, but chances are someone, or something, will have caught it and you’ll find them a lot less easy to persuade to remove it. Remember, the internet is a very very big version of someone else’s computer.

I’ll update this privacy notice as and when necessary. But if you have any comments please let me know: odd as it seems, I like talking about these things, and I often find that other people know more, or have better ideas, than I do.