A Memory Walk

My mother wore a yellow dress;
Gentle, gently, gentleness.
Come back early or never come.1

I agonised over whether to use my blog to seek sponsors for a charity walk I’m doing, but decided in favour because a) I would hope that making clear that it’s a mere 5k does away with any suggestion I’m showing off, b) I won’t make a habit of it, and c) in itself it’s probably selfish to agonise about blogging to raise a small donation to  worthwhile cause. Forgive my self-flagellation: I do it a lot.

On Sunday 8 September my partner and I are doing the 5k Memory Walk in the lovely grounds of Hall Barn, near Beaconsfield. The Memory Walk

is a series of fundraising walking events taking place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland every September, all raising money to provide vital support to people living with dementia and help our research to find a cure for the future.

I won’t go into great detail about my and my partner’s experience of having someone you love ravaged by dementia, but many have already done so, and many will.

I would be truly appreciative though if you were able to donate using my Just Giving page.

UPDATE: 4 September

Firstly, I want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have donated to the cause. It sounds trite, but I really am so very touched and appreciative. Even though, thanks to the evil machinations of @lexysumner it looks like I’ll have to run part of the WALK (believe me, if I ran all of it this would be the last blog you’d ever see from me).

Secondly, it has been pointed out to me that donating through Just Giving is not the only option – a couple of donations have been made directly to The Alzheimer’s Society, and doing this means that all the money goes directly to the charity (Just Giving take a 5% cut). I apologise for not realising and mentioning this before. All I would ask is that if anyone makes a donation directly they let me know, so I can let the WALK organisers know.

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  1. FOI Kid

    Don#’t self-flagellate – just the place to publicise such a good thing.

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