Thanks for the memory walk

All human things/ Of dearest value hang on slender strings*

Ten days or so ago I asked for donations for a charity walk a friend and I were about to do. Normally, in a very English way, we don’t ask for donations for this sort of thing, but just make one ourselves and then feel guilty we haven’t raised more. This time I decided to ask, and was blown away by the response. With direct donations to the Alzheimer’s Society and cash donations we raised close to £550.

And in the beautiful grounds of Hall Barn, once home to Edmund Waller*, last Sunday, we barely exerted ourselves for five whole gentle kilometres. What was very, and rather unexpectedly hard, however, was hearing the stories of other walkers. Dementia affects so many lives in such horrible ways, and this was reflected by the fact that many people who had donated said how they had experienced it in their families.

I said I would run part of it, and I did – all of about three strides. So we didn’t get a picture, but if we had it wouldn’t have been pretty. I will post another picture, sadly from a few years ago, of someone who would have recognised and been truly grateful, as we are, for the kind, kind donations and support for such an important charity.


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